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Lloyd dobler
Lloyd Dobler





Hair color


Eye color





Kick boxing instructor


Mr. Dobler (father)
Mrs. Dobler (mother)
Constance Dobler (sister)
Jason Dobler (nephew)


Corey Flood


Diane Court (girlfriend)


Kick boxing

Lloyd Dobler is the son of Mr. Dobler (who is constantly traveling due to his job in the army) and Mrs. Dobler (who is in Germany with her husband during the film). He is the younger brother of Constance Dobler and the uncle of Jason Dobler. He is also the boyfriend of Diane Court.

His main best friend, Corey Flood, is a musician who works at a guitar store. She wrote sixty-three (but according to Lloyd, she wrote sixty-five) songs about her ex-boyfriend, Joe to be performed at a party at the beginning of the film. The party in question was actually the location of his and Diane's first date.

His other best friend, D.C. is the less verbal of the group. She tells Lloyd that Diane is trapped in the body of a game show hostess. She also tells Llyod to do what he wants when he wants to tell Diane that he loves her. Lloyd then shows Corey and D.C. the letter he wrote Diane.

The letter in question was:

Dear Diane,

I will always be there for you.

All the love in my heart,


Diane later breaks up with Lloyd, because of some complicated family matters. They later reconcile, however, and at the end of the movie, they declare their love for each other. They are a legitimite couple at the end of the film.

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